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Consolidate Your Debt

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Use your home equity to reduce credit card debt.

Credit Card Debt Getting Overwhelming? Use Your Home Equity to Lighten the Load

Is your high-interest debt preventing you from taking your partner on vacation? Is it still forcing you to rely on your parents to pay for dinner? Is it forcing you to continue to walk five blocks to the laundromat every week?

Time to say Enough is Enough!

High-interest credit card rates are lame, like your 12th-grade calculus teacher. Make them cool again by combining them into your mortgage so you can pay a much lower interest rate and put a little more cash in your pocket each month. Hopefully, this can help you start saving up for a place with a washing machine. Think of it as turning your “bad debt” into “good debt” which could mean the difference between taking your partner to the Keg or McDonalds.

1. Combine high-interest rate credit cards with your mortgage to make one lower rate.
2.Which will save you money and increase your cash flow $$$
3. Which will then reduce your stress by giving you more money to treat yourself.

You deserve to treat yourself. Give me a call today, so I can help you achieve the financial freedom needed to have some fun! To Recap I can…

If you want to reduce your debt, lower your pressure and increase your financial freedom, contact me today to review your options and immediately start saving money.

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