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How to get approved for your first mortgage

Looking to move out of your Parents' house? Tired of your roommates' antics? Are you sick of having to use a laundromat, share a bathroom with your parents, Or have to live with people you met on Kijiji? Well, if you have some money saved up and are looking to engage in the adventure of buying your first home, I can be your spirit guide on this magical journey. No matter, what your situation is, I will make the buying process not only easy but enjoyable. I will take care of all the scary stuff like the numbers, percentages, and calculations, so you can focus on enjoying your hunt for your first home. I’m here to make your first home buying process exciting and fun! Just like your first week of college, but without the hangover.

Mortgage Brokers work hard for YOU and NOT the banks!

First things first, lock in your rate and get pre-approved!

No two mortgage applications are the same, like Facebook and Instagram; they may be used for the same purpose, but they have distinct differences. That’s why I’m here to be your financial fairy Godmother! I will work out all of the financial details and take all your worries away. Now you can focus on the fun stuff like arguing with your partner about paint colours, guilting your friends into helping you move and lobbying your parents for last-minute house warming gifts.

With my process, both you and your real estate agent will thoroughly understand your housing budget with a locked-in rate, providing you peace of mind. And the best part, you can have all this free of charge!

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